Our team focuses on three areas of commercial real estate investing; acquisition/disposition, financing/refinancing, and capitalization/recapitalization. It’s our job to review the potential impact upon you to make sure the commercial real estate investment you make will meet your goals and provide you with the return you’re looking for. We specialize in every aspect of the commercial real estate market and will gladly show you exactly what we feel you should invest in to bring you the return you’re after.

Our Vision Our Mission Our People

We have built a streamlined commercial real estate service process to make it easy to invest and enjoy a great relationship with our team at Omega Financial Group. We work to provide the collaborative and integrated process that makes our team the only choice you need to make when you’re ready to invest money into the commercial real estate market. We strive to be the team you want to work for in every aspect of our business to make your investment process easier and more direct than our competition.

Our business platform is dynamic and collaborative to continually provide you with the best experience throughout your time investing with Omega Financial Group. The use of technology paired with the value of the people we have on our team to provide you with the results you’re looking for from your investments. We are the team you’ll be happy to rely on for the investment strategy you want when you’re looking for the right way to invest in commercial real estate. We promise to provide an experience that consistently exceeds your expectations.

At Omega Financial Group the difference you’ll find more than at any other company is our people. We have the brightest, most talented, most creative and most driven investment professionals on our team to help make sure your investment can provide you with the returns you want. Our standards are higher than any other company in the business and our team of experts continually reaches higher than the standards we set in order to provide you with the best investment program and bring you the return you’re looking for when you invest with our team.