Omega Financial Group helps clients make the most appropriate capital event decision with respect to their commercial real estate investments. These capital events fall into three main categories: acquisition/disposition, financing/refinancing, and capitalization/recapitalization. We are focused solely on capital events and their impact on our clients' investment goals, which affords us a nuanced understanding of the involved complexities. Within commercial real estate sales, we specialize in multifamily and retail properties, however, our finance teams work the full product spectrum of commercial real estate.

The difference you'll find between our team and others is our people. We have the best and the brightest in the business. With our people and a focus on commercial real estate we will give you the expertise you want and the personal approach you'll appreciate when it comes to your investment. At Omega Financial Group we've been successful because we take a personal approach to commercial real estate investing and help you create the right investment program that works for you and helps to increase your wealth with generous returns. Give us a call and let us handle your commercial real estate investment today.